PuriTEST Brand 10 pc. Gold Detector Accessory Kit ,Test Gold,Silver,Platinum,Scale,Stones,Loupe


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Everything is BRAND NEW IN BOX! Quantity 1: DigiWeigh™ DW-BX 1000×0.1g DIGITAL JEWELRY SCALE COMES WITH FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY This scale is designed for weighing gold, silver, and diamonds, medicine, food, spices or even gun powder! The DW-1000BX Pocket Scale is highly accurate no matter where you place the item on the platform, which is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. The exterior of the scale is made of very durable ABS plastic. This scale also features a TARE button which easily allows you to reset it back to 0.00 after placing an object on top, such as a bowl or the clear plastic cover which doubles as an expansion tray. The bottles of acid are less than two weeks old and comes sealed. The bottles are designed to easily dispense one drop at the time. The 0.5 Ounce Bottle contains enough acid for hundreds of tests! Most of our competitors are small time and will sit on their acid for 4-6 months since they don’t sell enough volume to purchase wholesale often. We sell over 2000 bottles of acid a day through Ebay and Amazon! No one can offer acid as fresh as ours simply because no one else sells as much as us. Quantity 2: PuriTEST™ 2×2 PREMIUM PRO TESTING STONE Essential for testing Gold,Silver,Platinum This stone can be washed and used over and over. It has a rubber backing and is brand new in the original PuriTEST Box.(Warning: Most Ebayers just give out a random stone they bought at home depot that is not made for gold testing which will scratch your piece and not work) Quantity 1: PuriTEST™ 10x Compact Eye Magnifier 10x magnifiers are specially made for viewing diamonds & gold. They are also great for many other hobbies and occupations. Used for reading or inspecting items such as flower buds, bullets, tattoo needles, You’ll feel like a kid again looking at everything under 10x!



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