Stainless Steel Pins Magnetic Tumbler Mag Polishers Finishing Pins 0.30 x 5mm 24oz (750g)


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The product usually takes 7–13 business days to arrive to your hand after your order is confirmed Description * Media for Magnetic Tumblers that specially made to work with the magnets in the tumbler. * Pins are prepared and specifically designed with special Chromium Alloy Stainless Steel properties and characteristics that will be attracted to the movement of the magnets and yet not rust like steel shot media. * These smaller diameter size of Media Pins are designed to be used with lighter and more delicate jewelry components, like filigree articles and to be able to get inside openings and undercuts during the finishing operation. * When the media is not in use the pins should not be left on the Tumbler above the Magnetic plate, doing so will cause the pins to magnetize, and work grouped rather than separate entities thus reducing their effectiveness and lengthening the work time. Technical parameters  Name: 304 Stainless Steel Tumbler Mag Polishers Finishing Pins Material: 304 stainless steel PINS Diameter: 0.30mm PINS Length: 5mm Pack Contents: 24oz(750G) Note: Stainless steel pins are semi-permanent product that can be multiple continuous use. Stainless steel pins are tiny needle objects ,which should be used more carefully. when the pins not in use, clean and dry it after save.



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