Textile Futures: Fashion, Design and Technology


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Review Interesting text supported by good photographs – this book makes you think again.www.karenplatt.co.uk/reviews’Quinn’s snappy journalist tone is accessible, avoiding the droning quality that makes much academic writing of otherwise important content so very dull to read.’Crafts MagazineAlthough this book … is produced like a scientific publication, with detailed notes, a bibliography and an index in the appendix, it makes a smooth reading for lay people too, and can be recommended to anyone interested in the subject.Textile Forum Magazine Read more About the Author Bradley Quinn is an author, journalist and independent scholar with expertise in fashion, textiles and design. His books include Techno Fashion, The Fashion of Architecture, Chinese Style, Scandinavian Style and Mid-century Modern. As his survey of fashion and textile technology charts recent developments, Quinn explores the furthermost boundaries of what the new generation of textiles can achieve. Read more



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