Wholesale Christian Gifts Silver & Malachite Messianic Necklace


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Malachite, the ‘Stone of Transformation’. Malachite is renowned for its vibrant green color, and has been mined for over 3, 000 years at the King Solomon’s Mines in Israel where it called ‘Eilat Stone’. Malachite helps clear the path to your desired goals. Assists in changing situations and promotes spiritual growth. It releases and draws out pain, inflammation, depression and anger. It brings tolerance, flexibility and patience. A large smooth bail complete this perfect necklace. Every necklace is a one of a kind. Add Meaning to your Jewelry Collection. This artistically designed necklace is made of high grade 925 Sterling Silver. It comes with a 18′ Sterling Silver Chain and a card : ‘About the Messianic Symbols’. Attractively gift boxed. These early Christian signs, the Fish, the Star of David and the Menorah symbolizes the foundation of the Christian faith. It is patterned after emblems found on a number of artifacts believed to have been used by first century Jewish followers of Christ, combining early Christian and Jewish symbols.



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