Tim Wood

These are things I made.

RED Logo Experiment

This is an experiment I built for a Hack Day at RED Interactive.

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We took the company logo and color palette and created generative canvas artwork with it.

RED Canvas Logo 1

RED Canvas Logo 6

For one of the canvases, I created trees growing out from the logo’s surface.

RED Canvas Logo 3

For another canvas, I drew thousands of increasingly smaller circles which pulled their color from a source image and a gradient map.

The circles are weighted more heavily toward the center of the image. This way, the image being represented can be recognizable while still keeping the rough edges.

RED Canvas Logo 4

RED Canvas Logo 5

For this canvas, I used a highly optimized version of a grid packing algorithm. Each row is stored as a 32 bit integer, and bitwise operators are used to check for empty spaces and mark them as filled.

The result is incredibly fast and uses very little memory.

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Click anywhere to cycle through canvases, or just wait for a few seconds to cycle automatically.